Saturday, June 3, 2017

Shop Update!

My shop has been closed for awhile now, I just needed a break, and then that break 
became a big break! 

But I have new ceramics items, and got everything all ready and it's up for sale!
Brooches and plant holders and vases!

Check out my shop in the link below!

The latest from Art Bootcamp!

Here is my assignment for May from Lilla Rogers awesome art bootcamp! 

A garden journal

It's really worth looking at, the work is so varied and beautiful!
The bootcamp is really just amazing, I am inspired to make art every day, it's a great community
of artists and just so inspirational.

She has more courses, and I would confidently recommend any of them if you were looking 
for a fun and motivational way to update your portfolio!

I took the Children's Picture Book Illustration course too, and it was so fun!