Friday, February 3, 2017

Ceramic gifts

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As I said, I gave out my pottery left and right this Christmas as gifts to those I thought would appreciate. 
Here are some of them
This ring dish went to my niece. I am hoping she
liked it and didn't find it lame as teenagers can.  Or anyone really.
But she's an artist herself, so hoping she enjoys it. 

Another tiny dish that went to my friend Sarah.  I loved the colors on this one. 
It took me awhile to figure out how the colors work b/c the glazes look nothing like the final 
product, it was alway kind of a gamble what it would look like. This was towards the end of class, 
when I was finally figuring out what was what with the color!

The went to my friend Ashely, and is one of my favorites, it was a crazy messy pinch 
pot, that made a cool shape. I then covered with the big flower and leaves all around.

And this little covered jewelry box went to my sister Erin. 
I realize I don't have a photo of the inside now, but it's a nice red on the inside-a surprise. 

More I made, for myself and mostly for others. More to come!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Ceramic heads with flowers

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So clearly I am working in a new medium, taking a ceramic class. It's great
because we are free to make what we like in the class, and by the end of the last session I really started to figure out what i wanted to do, and became addicted! So I signed up again.  I did use clay in college (and tons of classes as a child!) but never as free and creatively as now. Ok, I take that back, as a kid, it was pretty free
and creative, but I do think I was following assigned projects. 

I do not have a great photo of this....but this was my 
Dios De los Muertos skull I made in October. I love it so much
I have not put away with seasonal decorations yet. 
I sort of made this on the spot, and the flowers turned out so cool, 
It was pretty great.  I will update with a better photo of the entire skull. 

I have alway loved the Lady Head Vases, and wanted to try my own version. 
These are sitting in my china cabinet a the moment, not really 
fit for cut flowers like the vases that inspired me. But 
a plant? A candle? Tea? 

Top view

And this one too, same deal, not sure what she will be used for yet other than 
to decorate my china cabinet. But I love her.

Much more to show soon.
Hopefully with better lighting!

I am definitely still drawing too, more than ever actually. I am taking one of the 
amazing Lilla Rogers MATS courses, and well, it's amazing and I will 
have to start another post for that!