Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New new new!

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I have not posted on here for quite a while, I have been very busy over on my other blog, 
small world land , which I have been working on with my friend Sarah.

But I have been busy working on lot's of thing to share. 
As I was going through the disaster of my craft room, and trying to reinstate order, 
I came across a ridiculous amount of unfinished projects.  Some of these projects were 
so close to completion, I couldn't believe they had been sitting so long unfinished.
So maybe it's the newness of the new year, but I decided to make this year, the year of finishing
things.  I have been successful so far, and have fun stuff to share.
It is also making me feel so accomplished to get these things finished and off the craft table!

First off, I have to share, some new plush I had dreamt up, but had yet to sew.
Here they are, the Flower Power Gnomes and Friends.

So more to come.
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