Friday, February 3, 2017

Ceramic gifts

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As I said, I gave out my pottery left and right this Christmas as gifts to those I thought would appreciate. 
Here are some of them
This ring dish went to my niece. I am hoping she
liked it and didn't find it lame as teenagers can.  Or anyone really.
But she's an artist herself, so hoping she enjoys it. 

Another tiny dish that went to my friend Sarah.  I loved the colors on this one. 
It took me awhile to figure out how the colors work b/c the glazes look nothing like the final 
product, it was alway kind of a gamble what it would look like. This was towards the end of class, 
when I was finally figuring out what was what with the color!

The went to my friend Ashely, and is one of my favorites, it was a crazy messy pinch 
pot, that made a cool shape. I then covered with the big flower and leaves all around.

And this little covered jewelry box went to my sister Erin. 
I realize I don't have a photo of the inside now, but it's a nice red on the inside-a surprise. 

More I made, for myself and mostly for others. More to come!

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