Sunday, January 29, 2017


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It has been quite awhile since I updated, but I have lot's to share over the next few days. 
Paintings, drawings and a mural.

Over the Summer (that feels so long ago now) I designed and painted (with help from other parents at our school) a mural on doors of the main entrance to the school.

Our school is named after Columbus, so we focused on the navigator of the sea
aspect of his history.  Sea and stars, with constellations for guidance. 

Here is a little stop animation video I made of the painting, which took place over 
about 2 weeks.

The final mural!
And with my kids, this was our  "back to school" photo
 (shows how long ago this was, being Winter now)

Ok, much more to come! Pottery class has been filling up my creative 
time these days, so lots to show. ( at all levels of skill!)

More soon!

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